Friday, 21 November 2008

You have been tagged

I have been tagged by Asif who authors Life as I know it. Basically the tagging thing is a way to promote the (seven) blogs you like by mentioning their names in your blog. Being tagged also means that you have to share 7 random facts about yourself. So here it goes…

1. I have had five different surnames. And I might even go for the sixth one day soon.

2. I have moved house 43 times and been to 36 countries

3. I am in love, like never before

4. I can't stand chutney

5. I auditioned for the X factor a couple of years ago

6. I live in a small village opposite a pub

7. I have size 11 feet

OK, so one of the above isn't true.

Now it’s time to name seven of my favorite blogs.

Nomad (not me - another one!)

Thanks Asif!


Anok said...

Aww thanks for the tag Nomad!

I'm going to guess that your feet are not size 11.

Irtiza said...

thanks for the mention. :D

wow... you have visited 36 countries??? lucky you (i hope so).

happy blogging

Hisham said...

Great blogs you have!