Saturday, 12 July 2008

FIFA Owes Iraq 3 Points!

I wasn’t really sure where to write about this. It’s not REALLY travel is it (although I probably would have to board a flight to watch the Iraq team play)? And it is certainly not Public-Diplomacy (besides I have just filled my public diplomacy blog with a rant on Zimbabwe), but then again I don’t really think this is classed as Nomadic-Wisdom either, but there was no other place for it, lest I start YET ANOTHER flipping blog dedicated to random stuff, like Iraqi football.

Fact is. I don’t REALLY like football that much (probably wise, as I am betrothed to a Sheffield Wednesday fan). But being British I do ALWAYS support the underdog. This seems like a fair cause, so I thought I would support it. You can join the facebook group "The Stolen 3" if you feel so inspired. Or sign the petition. Here is what my pal Ali has to say:
Never over until it's over.The Iraqi National Football Team lost its last decisive game to Qatar, and officially is out of the last stage of the World Cup Qualifying round

It's well-known that Qatar, a country with wealth and power in the Asian Football Confederation (the Asian Football Confederation's President is Qatari Mohamed bin Hammam), will do all it can to make sure the Qatari national football team makes it to the biggest football tournament in the world. Qatar took advantage of FIFA's laws and has given citizenship to many players from South America and the other parts of world. While this may not be ethical, FIFA's laws allow it. The issue is regarding a Brazilian by the name Marcio Emerson who had already played for Brazil's under 21 national team in the South American U-21 Championship in 1999 (according to CONMEBOL, the confederation that governs South American football). A player can not switch to a new national team after the age of 21 (according to a decision made by the FIFA Executive Committee on March 19, 2004). FIFA investigated the matter regarding the complaints over Emerson and found that the player was not eligible to play for Qatar, however FIFA did not award Iraq the 3-0 victory nor the three points that it deserved (according to Article 55 of the FIFA Disciplinary Code) However, Qatar clearly breached FIFA laws and statues when they had Emerson play in the World Cup qualifying tournament and played against Iraq in its Qatar's home game on March 26, 2008. Emerson was instrumental in both goals scored in the game and Iraq lost 2-0, and lost 3 precious points which would've allowed Iraq to be one of the two teams qualifying to the final round.

For this campaign, we are planning a big offensive against FIFA and the Fair Play Committee to put things right. We need as many as you can to join this campaign. Thank You.

لا حياة مع اليأسعندما خسر العراق مباراته الاخيرة امام قطر ، فقد فرصته للتأهل للمرحلة النهائية لكأس العالم 2010 و ابكى هذا ملايين العراقيين.العراق يجب ان يمنح 3 نقاط اضافية من الفيفاقطر دولة لها نفوذها المالي و في الاتحاد الاسيوي لكرة القدم ( المتمثل برئيس الاتحاد محمد بن همام) و قطر ستفعل كل ما في وسعها لضمان تأهل منتخبها لكأس العالم.قامت قطر بالاستفادة من بعض نواحي لوائح تجنيس اللاعبين و اضافت مجموعة من اللاعبين من امريكا الجنوبية لمنتخبها الوطني بعد تجنيسهم. قد لا يكون هذا صحيحا الا ان الفيفا تسمح به.المسألة هي بخصوص اللاعب البرازيلي الاصل مارسيلو اميرسون. هذا اللاعب مثل البرازيل رسميا مع منتخب تحت الـ21 سنه في بطولة امريكا الجنوبية عام 1999. و هذا يمنعه من تمثيل اي دولة اخرى حسب قوانين الفيفا.الا ان هذا اللاعب في مباراة الذهاب لعب لقطر و سجل على العراق و خسر العراق تلك المباراة. رسميا و حسب قوانين الفيفا ( قانون في لوائح الفيفا صادر بتأريخ اذار 2005 الفسم الـ55 من قانون النزاهة في الفيفا) يجب ان تعتبر قطر خاسة و تمنح العراق نتيجة 3-0 و ثلاثة نقاط. في هذه الحالة سيتأهل العراق رسميا للمرحلة النهائية.العراقيين و محبي العراق ينوون بالقيام بهجوم على الفيفا لتساهلهم مع قطر و مجاملتهم. نرغب بجمع اكبر عدد من الناس في هذه المجموعة لدفع فيفا للرجوع عن قرارها المجحف بحق منتخب العراق و العراقيين جميعا. يكفي الاعتماد على الحكومات لمأخذ حق العراق. الدور لكم لمساعتنا للوصول الى هذفنا ، و الله المعين.لكم جزيل الشكرادارة المجموعة

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