Friday, 9 May 2008

"Rice urges Arabs to support the Palestinians" - should she?

OK so it is not just the celebrities doing the patronising finger wagging. You would think Condi Rice would be better versed in public diplomacy (it was pretty public, right? She didn’t take “the Arabs” aside and have a quiet word in their shell likes?) Did anyone else feel slightly uncomfortable this week when the great lady herself sent a “strong message” to the Arab world on increasing their support to the Palestinians? If the objective of the statement was to show folk’s back home that the US are “doing something” then I guess a few voters might have been convinced. As with my Clooney rant (below) I am not convinced that this form of pressure is going to inspire the honouring of financial pledges – in fact I think it will damage US-Middle Eastern relations further (No! How so?)

I can’t help thinking that the US should be removed entirely from the whole brokering peace in the middle east thing. As Morgan Spurlock has found out lately, Americans are not exactly popular round them parts (no shit, Sherlock). They are hardly viewed as impartial - last week Rice stressed that "America's commitment to Israel is unwavering" and it has been for 60 years. And the whole 60 year thing is something that should send Britain’s crusading Mr Blair scurrying for cover - yes remember them terrorist Irgun what bombed the King David Hotel? (OK pedants I know that was 62 years ago), let alone delving deeper to Balfour’s was him what started it wasn't it? Just a polite suggestion – like Rice, perhaps Blair isn’t the best man for the job?

Is this causing anyone else to cringe….? Someone give them some effective public diplomacy advice, please.


Basil said...

This is all true, However we know for a fact that America and Israel are one for allot of reasons and they both need, use and perhaps blackmail each other for the same reasons. Anyhow I might be naive but I feel there is a solution for all Palestinian and middle-east problem if the concern parties are honest and sincere about reaching peace on mutual benefit and respect. But unfortunately the trouble in the area is a good business for America and the greedy Arabs

Caroline Jaine said...

Hold your fire on the "greedy Arabs" comments there my friend. You can't talk about honesty, sincerity and respect and let that one fly out....I will overlook that one for now and address your more intelligent remark about the fascinating grip the US and Israel seem to have each other in - I have the image of a bear hug by a mad man. Yes. Respect, tolerance and the understanding that diversity is STRENGTH is key to this.

M.Huzaifah Muntalip said...

its all about crony. Israel hold US economy, then these Zionis peeps asked US to help them, if not, they will kick the economy down.. hmm now urge Arabs to support Palestinians? doent make any sense coz even with help from Arabs, the one that destroy Palestine is Israel..hmm..